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Dry Wall Trowels

Marshalltown M23D Dry Wall Inside Corner Trowel 100mm x 125mm (4" x 5") - MT23D

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Lightweight trowel made from one piece of flexible stainless steel with aluminium mounting. Blade set at 103º angle that flexes to form a perfect 90º corner during use.  Fitted with a durasoft handle for user comfort.

Trowel Type: Corner Inside

Handle: Durasoft

Blade Size: 100mm x 125mm / 4" x 5"

Manufacturer code: M23D

Marshalltown M25D Dry Wall Outside Corner Trowel 90mm x 125mm (3.5" x 5") - MT25D

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Lightweight and perfectly balanced outside corner trowel. The blade is made from one piece flexible stainless steel and fitted with a comfortable Durasoft handle.

Trowel Type: Corner Outside

Handle: Durasoft

Blade Size: 90mm x 125mm / 3½" x 5"

Manufacturer code: M25D