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RST RTR175 Harling Trowel 6.5" x 6.5" - Soft Grip Handle - RST175ST

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This trowel is designed to apply pebbles onto mortar when pebble dashing. The pebbles are scooped up onto the trowel and then thrown onto the mortar. The soft grip handle aids user comfort and control.

Handle: Soft Grip

Blade Size: 6½" x 6½"

Manufacturer code: RTR175

Ragni R118HT Harling Trowel 165mm x 165mm / 6.5" x 6.5" - Wood Handle - RAG118HT


This trowel has been specifically designed for pebble dashers. The flat curved blade enables them to collect the pebbles and 'hurl' them onto the wet render.

Handle: Wooden

Blade Size: 165mm x 165mm / 6½" x 6½"

Manufacturer code: R118HT