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Vitax Stay Off Ready To Use Spray 750ml 5ST750 - VTXSTAYO750


Vitax Stay Off is a ready-to-use animal repellent spray which can be used around edible and non-edible crops. It is effective against a wide range of animals including cats, dogs, rabbits and birds.

It contains Aluminium Ammonium Sulphate which confuses an animal’s sense of taste and smell and deters them from fouling in the treated area. For best results all existing droppings and smells should be removed.

Stay Off should be lightly and evenly sprayed across all garden areas and plants to be protected. One application should remain effective for up to four weeks. Fresh applications may be required on new plant growth.

Pack Size: 750ml

Coverage: treats up to 37.5m²

Manufacturer code: 5ST750

Vitax Pepper Dust 225g For Cats And Dogs 5PD1 - VTXPD225G


Ready-to-use Pepper Dust can be used to keep animals off seed beds, recent plantings, drives, dustbins, paths and patios in a cost effective, easy-to-use form. Pepper Dust works by confusing the animals sense of taste and smell to ensure that it will stay off the areas you wish to protect. For best results it is important that all animal droppings and smells are removed prior to using all deterrent products. Animal smells can be broken down by treating the area with a weak detergent solution. Children and pets need not be excluded from treated areas. Contains pepper..

Apply: At the first signs of unwanted animal fouling activity.

How to Use: The pepper can be applied directly from the pack to the area to be treated. A repeat application will be needed twice a week at the rates recommended on the packet.

Product code: VTXPD225G / 5PD1